All photos are printed in a limited and numbered edition of a maximum of 50 pieces.

Each photo is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.


You have a choice of two basic materials on which the photo will be taken.



The photo will be printed on top Hahnehuhle Ultra Smooth 305g / m2 paper printers.

It is one of the highest quality printing materials today. It is characterized by great colors, details and high lightfastness.

The photographs are usually printed on paper measuring 40cm x 40cm with a white edge, so the size of the photo itself on paper is approximately 30cm x 30cm or 35cm x 23cm.

Each print is signed on the front and is equipped with a relief blind-print seal in the lower right year. The serial number of the photo will be on the back.



Your photo will be taken in the classic wet photographic way, on high-quality glossy Kodak photographic paper. These photos are characterized by beautiful full colors, a lot of detail and high gloss.

The photograph is usually taken in the format 30cm x 30cm with a wide white edge, while the format of the image itself will be 24cm x 24cm / 26cm x 17cm /. Each photo is signed on the front. It will be provided with the original stamp and serial number on the back.


The photographs are carefully wrapped in fine paper and placed in hardened cardboard envelopes. They are sent as fragile goods.

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