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       For more than ten years I have been systematically engaged
in analogue photography. In contrast to the cold digital - analogue breathes new life and creates its own aspect.

       Analogue photos are unpredictable, unexpected. It is full of colour, light and joy. I enjoy working with attributes that the digital age rejects for example vignette, fuzziness, graininess, defects of photographic material, focused handling during developing.

I work with old retro cameras or their replicas, enjoying their imperfections but also the high quality of old SLR cameras. I enjoy working with bad exposure, with expired materials, sometimes to go to the edge of abstraction and clarity.

       These are all things that keep me fascinated and which make analogue photography an inimitable and unrepeatable phenomenon.


       Here is a walk through my analogue world. From realistic moments, dream still-life, to almost abstract details.

Images are tonally and structurally influenced by the use of various expired materials or by deliberate replacement of developing technology / cross process, push process etc. /



       I really like the square format. It's a classic - best known from the 50s and 60s. I use a plastic retro camera Diana, or a pin-hole camera made of matchboxes.

I play with an illuminated roll film, blur or defects in plastic lenses. I am returning with the technology of the pinhole to the beginning of photography and camera obscura.


       For me, black and white photography is back to the roots of photography. Its stylization allows us to see the world in different dimensions that we perceive with our eyes.

I use retro Lomo cameras as well as the perfect Minolta or Voightlander viewfinder cameras.


         Photographs of boys and men form an essential part of my photographic work. All these photos were created just for my pleasure as a by-product of my collaboration as a documentary cameraman for Belami. It allowed me an interesting insight into the behind-the-scenes and life of the iconic porn company.