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Date of Birth:

May 29, 1968


+420 603 980 999



Madridska 9


Czech Republic


Photographer, Documentary Director and Cameraman, Video Editor


1968, born in Slovakia.

1983 - 1986 Secondary Film School / Film Production, Prague

1986 - 1991 The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Documentary Film, prof. Martin Slivka,

Camera and photography prof. Alexander Strelinger


In the 90's News director in Slovak Television.
Cooperated with VTV Cable TV and other film, TV and advertising companies.


2000 - 2019 Postproduction Manager, Video designer, Photographer and Documentary Cameraman - BelAmi.
Designer and editor of Premier Collection BelAmi films.


He also works for his own company 29films - a media production studio, where he produced of series of documentaries about classical music and opera and lots advertising.

As a fine art photographer, he returned to Lomography style analog photography in 2008. 


Living in Prague and Tenerife.

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For almost 20 years I have been systematically engaged in analogue photography.
It was nothing new to me. My uncle gave me my first plastic analog camera
Pioneer when I was 8 years old, and I worked with analog photography and film throughout all my studies. Then came the digital era, which seemed to push analog into eternal oblivion.

We were all excited about the perfection of digital photography. But life is not perfect all the time. In 2008, I happened to come across the website of the Lomography company, which was trying to revive the forgotten Soviet Lomo camera brand. I bought one of the replicas they were selling and so began my re-adventures with analog photography
And soon I started to be fascinated by that side of analog photography that digital did not allow in all its perfection.

In contrast to the cold, perfect digital - analogue breathes new life and creates its own aspect. Analogue photos are full of colours, light and joy.

I enjoy working with attributes that the digital age rejects for example vignette, fuzziness, graininess, defects of photographic material, focused handling during developing. Images are tonally and structurally influenced by the use of various expired materials or by deliberate replacement of developing technology / cross process, push process etc. /
 I am also returning with the technology of the pinhole to the beginning of photography and camera obscura.

I really like the square format. It's a classic - best known from the 50s and 60s. I use a plastic retro camera Diana, or a pin-hole camera made of matchboxes.

I work with old retro cameras or their replicas, enjoying their imperfections but also the high quality of old SLR cameras.

Here is a walk throught my analogue world.

I tried to include all the basic genres and topics I deal with. From street photography, landscapes, still life to snapshots and male nudes.


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